20 Years of Innovation

In 1998 the idea of COOL-SPACE began after recognizing the increasing problem of employees working in overly warm environments reducing productivity. The engineers at COOL-SPACE designed a highly efficient portable evaporative cooler with the ability to deliver great temperature drops even in high humidity climates while using very little electricity.

COOL-SPACE has grown into an international manufacturer with worldwide reach of portable evaporative coolers. With continued engineering improvements every year and with more features than any other cooler; COOL-SPACE offers customers a wide range of choices and better results than the competition. 

High Quality. Robust. Efficient.

COOL-SPACE products are made in the USA and have expanded to an international presence with worldwide product reach. With engineering improvements every year, and more features than any other cooler, COOL-SPACE offers customers the best performing products backed by a 3 year warranty on parts and Lifetime warranty on the housing.

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